About us

Crystal Clear New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise jointly established by Shaanxi Jaewon Paersen Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.and South Korea Jaewon Co.,Ltd.It is located in Huazhou District Industrial Park,Weinan City,Shaanxi Province and covers an area of 42 mu.The company adopts international advanced technology and uses 1,4-butanediol as raw materials.Its main products includeγ-butyrolactone(GBL),N-methylpyrrolidone(NMP),2-pyrrolidone(2-P),N-vinylpyrrolidone(NVP),N-ethylpyrrolidone(NEP),lithium ion battery electrolyte,carbon nanotube conductive paste.The technical equipment is at the advanced level at home and abroad,and the production technology level is the world's leading level.It’s built into a production and research base for new energy materials in the west.

The company integrates scientific research,production,sales and technical services,and has set up a professional production management team and scientific research and development team,dedicated to NMP production and research and development of new production technologies.At present,there are 140 employees,35 of whom are technical managers.The company has an enterprise team that understands management,is good at management and is good at pioneering.Through scientific,institutionalized and procedural management system,the general manager responsibility system is implemented under the leadership of the chairman of the board,and the company is operated in accordance with the modern enterprise management mode.The company has won the honorary titles of"advanced enterprise"and"enterprise that respects contracts and keeps promises"at provincial and municipal levels many times.

As one of the main cooperation units of Samsung Group of South Korea,our company and SAPB Company of Samsung Group have reached a strategic cooperation on NMP application and recovery in power battery project.We have applied the most advanced NMP rectification and purification technology and equipment in the world to carry out deep processing on this series of products,which are used for power batteries of Samsung cars.All surplus products are exported to South Korea

Financial Situation

The company has clear property rights,legal person system,perfect organizational structure,sound financial system,and good financial conditions,and has no bad credit records such as default on bank debts.